New and refurbished rollers are inspected for quality prior to shipping to ensure your satisfaction. Bearings are inspected for run-out to within .0005" using a Starrett indicator which measures to .0001".

If you have any concerns after receiving your order, please contact us so that we can work with you to resolve it. We offer a one year guarantee, with the following required conditions:

  • Prior to ordering, buyer must verify that rollers or parts match the folder model. Many mistakes are made by reading the machine model information on the parallel unit and assuming that the rollers in the 8 pg or 16 pg unit will be the same size. This happens more often with Stahl models than with MBO. The most common mistake made with MBO is misreading the machine plate information, as model number are similar, for example, B-23 may be confused with B-123, or B18 with B118, or B20 with B120.

  • After receipt of the order, but prior to installation, buyer must compare the rollers and parts received with the order form submitted and notify us if there is any discrepancy.

  • Installer must check packaging and rollers to determine that no damage has occurred during shipment. We use heavy duty pressed boxes to insure against damage and whenever possible, ship all rollers with replacement insurance in case of a lost shipment. (Some carriers limit insurance liability.)

  • Specifically for MBO: Unless your rollers have been ordered with bearings pre-installed by Wear Ever Mfg, the installer must check the rollers for run-out using V-blocks and an indicator after installing your bearings. Your precision installer should be well-versed with this technique.

Warranty includes ground shipping charges. Special orders are not returnable.

rollers are inspected for quality and run-out

We use a heavy cast inspection stand for no deflection to test your roller for concentricity of the bearing journals to the roller face prior to shipping.

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