Order Forms

Download Your Form, E-Mail Or Fax It With Your Purchase Order!

Order forms can be opened with a pdf reader, completed online and submitted via email.

Please double check information on order forms and avoid mistakes. Customers are responsible for the accuracy of information submitted.
Many mistakes are made by (1) reading the machine model number on the parallel unit and assuming the rollers in the 8 pg or 16 pg unit are the same size, or
(2) misreading the machine plate information, as model numbers are similar, for example, B-23 may be confused with B-123. Please look twice before ordering.

*The above names are registered trademarks.

NOTE: All first orders must be paid in full before shipping. Exchange orders must be prepaid.
Please pay by check, credit card, or PayPal after receiving our invoice with the confirmed amount due.
Subsequent terms Net 30 Days, upon approval.

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